Jake Owen Covers Cher's "Believe" - LISTEN

Jake Owen is celebrating Pride Month and paid tribute to his LGBTQ friends and coworkers by releasing a Country cover of Cher's "Believe". How did the song come about? Well, Jake tells the story on his post...

Some of my closest friends and coworkers, are part of the#lgbtcommunity and I couldn’t be more happy for the progress they have made. I’m inspired by people loving people no matter who you are. I BELIEVE the world needs more love. No matter where it comes from.
So with that said, I googled “gayest” songs of all time and the boys and I decided to put our country spin on Cher’s “Believe.” Hope you dig. I plan on releasing all of these backstage random songs we’ve created very very soon. Stay tuned friends, and most importantly, love everyone. 🌈

I think Jake & the gang CRUSHED this cover! What are your thoughts? Lets chat @justPEREZplay.



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