The Most Popular Jelly Bean Flavors in New England

Easter is only a few days away which means the houses of your families and friends will soon be riddled with an ungodly amount of jelly beans - the classic flavors, the new-age flavors & the "this could be delicious or it could taste like dirt" flavors. & teamed up to paint a picture for us on the most popular flavors of jelly beans across the thing to note: a LOT of states love BLACK LICORICE. I'm in the minority that likes black licorice as a flavor...but to make that your FAVORITE flavor? That's insane. Check out some of New England's favorite flavors below.

Multicoloured jellybean

Connecticut: Buttered Popcorn

Massachusetts: Coconut

New York: Buttered Popcorn

Rhode Island: Blueberry

New Hampshire: Juicy Pear

What's your favorite flavor of bean? Hit me up! Check out the full story here.

(Photo Credit: GettyImages)

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