Remembering My Friend 'New Guy' Mike

When I started my new position here at KIX in November, it was a bit scary. I was working in a new environment with new people and didn’t have a clue how things would be. From day one, Mike was warm, welcoming and was willing to help with anything. From there on, he grew to become a friend and we would share our time together on the air everyday. We would talk about wild, wacky and fun things during our shows with hopes of brightening someone’s day. 

During our recent radiothon for St. Jude, he helped ease my anxiety. I was nervous but he assured me that I would do fine. It was an emotional two days but we got through it together. He was always a positive and uplifting person. Whenever he would talk about his kids and how much they meant to him, his face would light up and you knew he would do whatever he could for them. My heart HURTS for them right now. Please send them love and prayers to help get them through this tough time. They it need it now more than ever!

If you have any great stories or memories of Mike, please share them with us. It doesn't feel real. I keep thinking he'll walk back in the door. It just isn't FAIR! If he were here today, I know he would thank you for listening to him and for being apart of the KIX 100.9 family. He loved meeting each and every listener at shows and events.

Whenever I would be away on a break or vacation and returned, he would jokingly say “I missed your musk.” 

I’ll miss you Mike. Heck... I already do. We ALL do!

Rock the Heavens 'New Guy Mike'...

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Remembering Mike Salois

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