Nickelodeon is Rebooting 'All That'

If you were too old or too young for the prime years of Nickelodeon television I feel sorry for missed out on PizzaFace, Walter the Earboy, Ms. Hushbum, Pierre Escargot and countless other amazing characters. This was the height of TV as far as I'm concerned and 'All That' was at the top of the list for me.

It was a sketch comedy show for kids that didn't really grasp the real-world humor of SNL yet and could completely relate to everything 'All That' had to offer. This show has some serious star power behind it as well (at the time); Kenan Thompson, Kel Mitchell, Nick Cannon, Amanda Bynes (pre-fall out), Gabriel Iglesias and tons more!

Kenan Thompson, the now SNL main stay...has fully headed up the charge on this re-boot which gives me a lot of hope that it could have the same style and feel as the original did. For the sake of the youth in the sweet spot for this show - I hope he nails it.

Check out the full re-boot report from Variety here.

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