Dunkin' Style Weddings This Weekend

With Valentine's Day only a week away, Dunkin' has teamed up with a Las Vegas chapel to throw some donuts into the mix this weekend..not literally thrown donuts but rather Donut Bouquets and Dunkin' themed decor.

The chapel will have Dunkin’ decorations and a pink-haired officiant who can preside over weddings and vow renewals. Per Sure Thing's website , both ceremonies cost $450, which includes the officiant fee, two Polaroid pictures, and a Sure Thing memento. - Delish

...and in true Vegas fashion there is always the option to tack on an Elvis impersonator for an extra charge.

This isn't enough for me to fly out to Vegas to GET married...but I would love to be a guest at these things to enjoy the delicious donut-y goodness. So, if anyone wants to throw a Dunkin' themed wedding on the east coast (or just get married AT a Dunkin') let me know...also can I get a plus one?

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