My FAVORITE Super Bowl LIII Commercials

Lets be honest. Super Bowl LIII wasn't the best game in the league's history. This year's fill of commercials was also pretty underwhelming. But which ones stuck out the MOST? Check out my TOP commercials of the night below.

NFL stars of the past and present came together for 'The 100-Year Game'.I thought it was cool to see where the game was years ago and where its going. LEGENDARY!

Carrie Bradshaw, the BIG Lebowski and the MOST Interesting Man In The World. How could you NOT love this one?!

It's the AVENGERS! I've been patiently waiting since we last saw our heroes in Avengers: Infinity War. I can't wait to see the EPIC FINALE and what happens to them.

The Twilight Zone was one of the COOLEST shows back in the day. Knowing that its returning and Jordan Peele is involved, is a REAL WIN!

It's freakin MICHAEL BUBLE! He def added some much needed humor to the night.

Steve Carrell. Lil Jon. Cardi B. ENOUGH SAID!

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