Are Liam Payne and Naomi Campbell Dating?

Liam Payne and Naomi Campbell. We’ll let you digest that for a few seconds. Social media is ablaze with rumours that legendary supermodel Naomi, 48, is dating former One Direction star Liam, 25, after the pair seemingly began openly flirting in each other’s Instagram comments. Naomi was the first to spark speculation, when she commented on a shirtless picture the Strip That Down singer posted earlier in the week. Beneath the steamy photo of Liam looking in a mirror, the model wrote: ‘Beautiful soul’ followed by a heart. Liam replied: ‘Takes one to know one’, adding a kissy face emoji. Now, this could be excused as friends supporting friends – but Liam stepped things up a notch on a photo of Naomi at Paris Fashion Week. Showing off her amazing new bouncy ‘fro, Naomi took a selfie as she prepared for the Louis Vuitton runway show. Liam’s comment? ‘Perfection in a person… don’t give me those eyes’ – followed by eyes and a kissy face.



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