These Tips Will Help You Find Love Through Online Dating

Today is dubbed as "Dating Sunday"...As millions of Americans take to their smartphones, download Tinder or Bumble and start swiping.  Here are four tips for standing out amongst the sea of singles:

Start fresh.

Start off with a clean pallet and swap out any outdated photos. "If it's been online and it hasn't worked for you yet," use that as a sign to "push the restart button," Spira said. 

Update your bio.

If you picked up any new hobbies over the past year, mention those, the expert said. Also, mention your dream travel destinations. "Talking about travel locations, whether it's an African safari or a hike up a mountain, tend to get a lot of responses because it's a good icebreaker," Spira said.

Use multiple apps.

There are numerous dating apps out there to choose from and the experts say having at least three accounts will help maximize your chances of romantic success. However, it's important to use each of the apps proactively.

Don't play hard to get. 

Communicate with people, exchange phone numbers and start setting a date to meet, Spira said. "When you have millions of messages being sent, that's not the time to play coy. The only way the that Dating Sunday works is if you commit to meeting someone offline."

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