Kanye's 14 Million Dollar Xmas Gift To Kim

Kanye West really outdid himself this time. The rapper surprised Kim Kardashian with a lavish $14 million Miami condo for Christmas… without her even seeing it first! Ocean views, a pool, and a spa — you’ve got to see this! TMZ has confirmed. And, get this — the super exclusive building where the Miami Beach condo is located, has been dubbed the “Billionaire Beach Bunker”. Yeah, that sounds about right for the Kardashian/West family. The 18-story building is said to be the home of Miami’s richest and most prominent business people, developers and high profile stars. Kimye’s new unit, which Ye is weeks away from closing the deal on, is 4,700 square feet with four bedrooms, 5 1/2 baths and a massive terrace which overlooks the ocean. The Miami Beach condo building is equipped with a gym, pool and a spa.  Ye is such a gifting pro that he reportedly made an offer on the condo in secret during Miami’s Art Basel, which he’s a regular at each year. That means, Ye must’ve put in the offer sometime from December 6-9, when the event took place. And, he even got a deal on the property. While he paid $14 million, the condo was originally listed at $15.5 million. Is that seriously what a deal is considered in the celebrity world? We guess so!  The rapper’s pricey purchase came just before the Kardashian annual Christmas Eve party. This year, Kimye decided to throw the big bash, under the creative direction of Ye himself. Oh, and the party was estimated to have cost a whopping $1.3 million. And, that seems to add up since the famous family turned acres of their LA land into a star-studded winter wonderland. Additionally, the party featured a tunnel of 10,000 lights designed for selfies, and a forest of fine-art tree sculptures that resembled Whoville, an expert told People. It’s evident that Christmas comes with no price tag for the Kimye!  



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