Taylor Swift's Tattoo Is Breaking The Internet

Did Taylor Swift get inked on the back of her neck? We're not sure. Check out the picture below. Rumors flew after tattoo artist JonBoy tagged her in a new pic. Taylor Swift, 29, has tons of fans with her lyrics tattooed on their bodies, but the “Look What You Made Me Do” singer has yet to show off any of her own ink. That’s why fans freaked when tattoo artist JonBoy posted a photo to Instagram on Dec. 21, featuring the back of a blond woman’s head, her hair pulled up to reveal a rose inked onto the back of her neck. While he only captioned the shot with a simple flower emoji, it was his tagging that caused such an uproar! With one click on the tattoo pic, Taylor Swift’s handle popped up. But why? While some assumed that meant Taylor was the one in the photo, diehard Swifties were not having that. “Not even Taylor’s ears and not her hair,” one wrote. This isn’t Taylor’s tattoo! But why, then, did JonBoy tag her in the pic? There are many possibilities, but the popular artist has yet to confirm any of them. Maybe the woman photographed got the ink to symbolize some T. Swift lyrics! Or, some people even think JonBoy may have used the tag to draw attention to his post, but that may not be the case either. “A tattoo artist as successful as this one doesn’t need to unnecessarily tag an artist for ‘clout.’ He’d gain nothing from that but a comment section full of ‘That’s not Taylor,” which he successfully managed.



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