Jeffrey Dean Morgan Rescues A Donkey And Emu In Love

Jack and Diane — an emu and donkey who made headlines because they are in love — made their way to their new home Tuesday on Jeffrey Dean Morgan's farm.

The Walking Dead star adopted the pair, which were found abandoned on a Kershaw, S.C., farm last month along with a menagerie of other animals. Jack the donkey and Diane the emu were taken in by the Carolina Waterfowl Rescue near Charlotte, N.C., but handlers quickly realized that they didn’t like being apart after they had bonded in the same enclosure; the Charlotte Observer reported that the 5-foot-5 donkey “started crying” and the 6-foot-tall emu “got frantic” from being apart. So the rescue group took to social media to try to find them a new home together, and Morgan offered to give them a home on the Hudson Valley, N.Y., property he shares with his actress wife, Hilarie Burton, and their children. The animals were transferred on Tuesday afternoon.



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