Connecticut Is One Of The Most Expensive States To Have A Baby

Everyone knows that having a baby is incredibly expensive, from delivery or adoption costs to outfitting a household with strollers, bottles, cribs and layettes. According to Magnify Money, Connecticut is the 5th most expensive state to raise a baby. Here are the top 10 most expensive states and the total monthly costs:

Massachusetts: $1,521Hawaii: $1,464Washington, D.C.: $1,374California: $1,349Connecticut: $1,327 Alaska: $1,314Vermont: $1,311New Hampshire: $1,290New Jersey: $1,243 Maryland: $1,238Here are the 10 cheapest states to raise a baby and the total monthly costs:

Arkansas: $723Mississippi: $759West Virginia: $814Tennessee: $830Louisiana: $835Alabama: $837Utah: $850South Carolina: $850Kentucky: $870North Dakota: $872

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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