My Experience As An Extra In A Hallmark Christmas Movie

Remember the Hallmark Christmas movie that was filming in Wethersfield, Connecticut back in September? Well, I was actually cast as a background extra! Our day started at 6 am. We met with the production crew and other extras that were cast LOCALLY! From there, we went through our wardrobe options that we brought with us and selected the best items to match a typical winter. Most of our day was spent watching the cast and crew film different scenes until we were called in for our BIG BREAK (very MINIMAL actually lol). I wont discuss our scene until the movie comes out. (No spoilers here!) 

It was so wild because the day was pretty warm and we were BUNDLED UP  in our winter attire. I was sweating BULLETS throughout filming. We ended our day around 6- 6:30 pm and I actually went home feeling sick. I think the heat got to me. After my experience, I really give props to those that work in TV/film. Its not as easy as it looks. If you want to see how Hallmark made movie magic in Connecticut, Christmas on Honeysuckle Lane starring Colin Ferguson and Alicia Witt premieres THIS Saturday, November 24th at 9 pm on the Hallmark Mystery and Movies Channel

Check out my behind the scenes photos and the trailer below. 

If you're tuning in, be sure to tag me in any photos if you spot me lol.

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