Michigan Player Trashes Michigan State Spartan Logo Prior To Rivalry Game


The University of Michigan and Michigan State have a long rivalry that was renewed on Saturday (10/20) after a linebacker from the University of Michigan started kicking and digging up the Michigan State Spartan logo at the 50-yard line. 

The incident happened prior to the game after an on-field confrontation between the two teams. It started when Michigan State players performed their “pregame ritual” of locking arms and marching across the field. Normally, the visiting team is not on the field when the Spartans march, but Devin Bush Jr. and a few other teammates remained on the field to get ready for the big game. 

The players exchanged words and Bush Jr. had to be restrained by staffers. He then went to midfield and started kicking up the dirt and trashing the Spartans logo, sparking anger from other players, which led to some pushing and shoving. 

The players eventually left the field and the grounds crew repaired the damage. 

Once the game started, Bush Jr. appeared to hurt himself early in the first quarter. He landed awkwardly on his arm after missing a tackle and remained down while the trainers attended to him. Luckily, he was not badly injured and returned to the game a short time later. 



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