Stay In A House That Literally Runs On Dunkin

Now is your chance to get away and live in a tiny house and drink Dunkin Donuts all day thanks to Olivia Wilde and Dunkin Donuts.

Yes, it's a tiny home that you can actually stay in and was designed by actress Olivia Wilde. The home has a spa tub, washer and dryer, coffee nook, and a large cedar porch.

Another cool thing about the home is that it literally runs on Dunkin. That's right. 65,000 pounds of coffee grounds power a generator that will keep the 275 square foot home and its appliances working smoothly.

If you're thinking about staying here you can and it'll only cost you $10 a night! The house is available via Airbnb through October 26. Book your stay fast because the first round of reservations booked in five minutes!

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