Kristen Bell Wants To Have An Ecstasy Party

Kristen Bell had an experience as a guest on WTF that not many others get to enjoy: Marc made her a meal beforehand. So with a full stomach, Kristen and Marc talk about why Dax Shepard is pushing her to have an ecstasy party.  

The 43-year-old actor - who developed a substance abuse problem at the age of 18 - recently celebrated 14 years of sobriety but, although it took him a long time to curb his habits back in the day, he is trying to encourage his spouse to dabble in drugs.

Speaking on the podcast, the 'Frozen' star said her husband believes "you shouldn't leave earth without having tried mushrooms or ecstasy."  Dax will be a "sober coach" to make sure everyone has a safe and comfortable time at the party.



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