Post Malone Could Be Cursed!

Lately, it seems as if Post Malone keeps dodging death. A few weeks ago he had that scary situation when his airplane needing to make an emergency landing, a car crash that left his Rolls Royce totaled, a robbery attempt at his previous home etc. What could this all stem from? This series of unfortunate events might be because he came in contact with a haunted box! He recently visited Zak Bagan's Haunted Museum in Vegas, and came in contact with the "World's Most Haunted Object", which is known as the Dybbuk Box. After doing a quick Google search, I've learned that the Dybbuk Box is a Wine cabinet that is said to by haunted by a Dybbuk which is a restless and malicious spirit that can haunt and possess the living. Do you believe this is the cause of Post Malone's recent string of bad luck or just pure coincidence? Read more here and let me know your thoughts @justPEREZplay.



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