Couple Delivers Baby While Driving

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This story is so incredible and the thing is, it was all captured on VIDEO! Alexis Swinney was in labor and in route to the hospital. The family packed into the car and rushed to get there as fast as they could. That was apparently not fast enough though. Alexis began to give birth while her husband driving. Luckily, he filmed the whole encounter for the world to see. After the video went viral, Jimmy Kimmel brought the family on the show to chat.

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1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 “Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus” So we took our first family photo yesterday.. It went just as planned, obviously! Our daughter got out of school at 3 Hubby helped bring in groceries at 3:30 We woke the boys up and threw clothes on them at 3:35 Mommy put some makeup on and made it look like she brushed her hair at 3:40 Phone started ringing at 3:45 Together we gathered ourselves and the kids, and sat in front of the makeshift camera set up, and patiently waited for the first of many interviews to begin! (And it went great) then we quickly set the timer for 10 seconds and took this photo. The first complete family photo. Seriously, how perfect is this? And we got 7 people ready in under 45 minutes! I’m counting my blessings just looking at all the things that are so right with this photo.. I’m in love with how imperfect it is.. Life is crazy, and we can’t stop the time from getting away from us.. The only thing we can stop is ourselves. We can stop and snap a photo without a posting it right away We can stop and kiss someone without needing anything else We can stop and thank God... even if we don’t know what we’re thanking him for, because life is not going as planned, we can stop.. we can stop and find something to be thankful for ❤️

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