BTS Breaks The Internet With Idol Music Video

Today is a HUGE day for BTS and the BTS Army! Their latest album, Love Yourself: Answer is finally out! Not only did their album drop, but the boys have also released the official music video for 'Idol'. The video has currently reached over 18 million views (as I write this) in only a few short hours. The boys are definitely going BIG with this release as the video is jam packed with lots of high energy, special effects and of course tons of killer choreography that we've grown to love. They've really outdone themselves with this one. I wouldn't be surprised if they break a ton of records and go number 1. Whatcha think of the video/album? Let me know @justPEREZplay.


You can check out the alternate version of 'Idol' with Nicki Minaj below...



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