Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson Gets Slammed By Fans

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Fans of Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson turned on him after he took to Instagram to post a selection of snaps from his day at Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta on Sunday.

The actor posed with a Beluga Whale and Sea Lion during his day out, while also sharing an image of a Whale Shark.

But his family outing didn’t sit well with animal rights supporters who object to aquariums, zoos, and parks like SeaWorld that keep animals in captivity.

One fan called Johnson’s visit “cruel,” while another remarked that she was “so disappointed.”

Such a great time with our ohana & friends at the famed Georgia Aquarium. The second largest aquarium in the world and the only institution outside of Asia that houses Whale Sharks. More than 100,000 animals and sea creatures here that I’m in constant awe of. Specifically, this Whale Shark that I’m contemplating jumping in the tank and jumping on its back. They call me the brown 💪🏾🦈 AquaMan. Thank you to President & COO, Joseph Handy & the entire Georgia Aquarium staff for being so gracious, kind & informative to my family and our friends. We had a blast! #GeorgiaAquarium #OhanaDay @hhgarcia41 📸

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Found my next co-star. Just look at this beautiful animal with staggering intelligence. And the Beluga Whale is awesome too. Seriously, in awe of these creatures. #GeorgiaAquarium 🐬👊🏾🙏🏾 @hhgarcia41 📸

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Me: So anyway dude, I’m kinda famous and cool and chicks dig me. Seal: Don’t give a shit. Me: Cool. #GeorgiaAquarium #SpecialConnection #TwoDudes @hhgarcia41 📸

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Meet my lady, Katie. She loves me. Calls me sexy. And is way bigger than @kevinhart4real. #GeorgiaAquarium #RelationshipGoals ❤️🤟🏾

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