Kids Are Addicted To Technology

This video is pretty eye-opening and sad to see. I was lucky enough to be born into the beginnings of the technology boom - but still not have it as readily accessible as it is today. My parents were pretty anti-video game consoles and made sure we were outside a lot of the time. We had a computer but they limited our use (plenty of arguments and battles over that too - but hey they let us have Gameboys and those were legit!)

There is something about being a kid and being outside with siblings, friends and neighbors that you can't replicate. Making up the stupidest games and only coming inside for meals and to go to sleep so you can do it all again tomorrow really was the best years of my life. Not a care in the world and the world was at our fingertips.

Those were truly the good ol' days...for me, my parents and my grandparents. Hopefully we can curb this technological age and get the kids back outside. As far as I'm concerned, living behind a screen on a computer, tablet or phone just doesn't cut it.

I'm forever grateful to my parents for not succumbing to the tech and making sure we didn't get lost in it - heck, I still use it too much today but I love breaking away from it when I can. Watch this video and pass it along to your parents, your friends and hell - your kids. #GetBackOutside

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