April The Giraffe Is Expecting Again!

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April the giraffe who gained prominence with millions through a live-stream of her pregnancy last year, is pregnant again.

Animal Adventure Park in Harpursville, New York, made the happy announcement live on the Today Show yesterday morning, ending weeks of speculation.

 Last month, park owner Jordan Patch shared that zoologists were evaluating a month's worth of fecal samples from the 17-year-old giraffe "to test whether or not we're expecting another giraffe calf."


April the Giraffe is pregnant again! 😍🍼

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Today started out rough because I broke one of my favorite highlights, but then the day got 100 times better because we went to Animal Adventure Park and I got to see Giraffes up close and personal. Here’s me feeding papa Oliver(Olie) and baby Tajiri (he was born last year and at 6ft by Mama April and now a year later he’s already 10 ft and weighs 1000lbs) Mama April made a quick appearance but then went back in because she’s been very tired since giving birth. While it was fun getting to see a lot of African Animals the Giraffes stole the show! Giraffe Fun Facts: 1. Im obsessed with them and I really wanted to take Taj home with me( you can’t hear me in the video but I actually asked Olie if I could take Taj home) 2. Female Giraffes have skinner and lighter spots than the male (that’s how I was able to tell April and Oliver apart) 3. Males spots have a mixture of brown and black 4. The forehead notch of a baby is significantly smaller than adults 5. Giraffes are awesome and we should all love them #aprilthegiraffe #oliverthegiraffe #tajirithegiraffe

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