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Kim Bring Kanye West To The Emergency Room

Kanye West was reportedly taken to a Los Angeles emergency room by Kim Kardashian on Sunday because he was suffering symptoms of the flu.

Kim was right by Kanye's side as they showed up at West Hills Hospital in the San Fernando Valley. We're told Kanye had the flu and it got worse and worse, so he needed some Rx to make him feel better.

Dennis Quaid Talks About His Cocaine Addiction

Some heartfelt and courageous admissions from Dennis Quaid. 

In an interview on Megyn Kelly Today, the actor opened up about his marriage to Meg Ryan-- calling the relationship his 'most successful', and that he battled a severe addiction to cocaine.

'It was even in some movie budgets. I was basically doing cocaine pretty much on a daily basis during the 1980's,' the Any Given Sunday star revealed.

Watch the full interview below

Teen Mom's Janelle Evans Pulls Out a Gun In Front Of Her Son

Jenelle Evans flew off the handle during Monday's episode of Teen Mom 2.

The 16 And Pregnant persona, now 26, was so overwhelmed with road rage after a truck driver cut her off that she followed him home and threatened him with a gun.

All of the chaos happened in front of her eight-year-old son Jace.  Part of the frightening scene all played out on camera.

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