Police Department Lip Sync Battles

UPDATE: CT Police Departments have hopped on the social train for this as well: check 'em out on Courtney and KISS in the Morning's Blog!

Norfolk Police Department just dropped an AMAZING lip sync video to Bruno's Mars - Uptown Funk.

This video was part of an ongoing Social Media #lipsyncbattle challenge between Police Departments all across the country. This is their response video from the challenge issued to them by the Corinth Police Department...

...who were issued a challenge by the Hickory Creek Police Department...I could continue this thread all day long - but just keep watching the videos and they all have links to the previous challenges in their Facebook Video posts. Enjoy this VERY entertaining and never-ending blackhole of lip sync videos!

There is so much negative floating around the world today - it's nice to see that there is still some fun and kindness shining through. Share this post with a friend today and spread the smiles!

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