CT Lottery $1 Million Powerball® Prize Unclaimed

Somebody bought a powerball ticket...won a million dollars...doesn't even realize it...and is about to miss out. Right in our own backyard!

In a statement from the CT Lottery:

Rocky Hill, CT/June 21, 2018 – The CT Lottery has issued an urgent plea to anyone who may have purchased Powerball tickets at the Super Stop & Shop located in the Kensington section of Berlin—a $1,000,000 prize winning ticket was sold at this location and it is set to expire on July 5 unless it is claimed by that date.

This is one of those times where you start asking every forgetful person you know, your siblings, your parents, your grandparents...heck even your pets. If you're sitting on a million dollars you don't want to miss out! Somebody could be CARLTON level excited...and who doesn't want that?

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