Courtney's Hollywood Report

Adele's Titanic Themed 

Birthday Party

The 'Hello' singer dressed as the film's leading lady, Rose, wearing the character's long, embellished gown and trademark auburn curls in a portrayal that would have surely made Kate Winslet's heart... go on.

It appeared the party included all the trimmings necessary to emulate the Oscar-winning film, with one of the photos showing revellers dancing in old-timey life jackets. 

While the party-goers likely stayed clear of any icebergs, the superstar was unable to avoid a hangover, writing: "I'm absolutely f**ked, not sure I'll make it out the house again!"

Taylor Swift Treats Arizona Foster Kids to Private Concert

Taylor Swift's latest tour of mega-stadiums across the globe kicks off Tuesday in Phoenix, so she used her last warm-up as an opportunity to bring some fun and warmth to local foster kids.  Swift invited over 2,000 guests, foster kids and their foster parents, to attend Saturday's final tour dress rehearsal at the University of Phoenix Stadium. She even treated them all to loads of free pizza. 

While cameras weren't allowed during the performance portion of the evening, there was still time for photos and even a photo opp with Swift. Some of the parents then shared those photos online.  

The Cast Of Frozen Helps With A Promposal

Carly Baron didn't freeze up one bit when her boyfriend, Jeremy Cazes, surprised her with an epic promposal outside the stage door after seeing "Frozen" on Broadway. Patti Murin, who plays Anna and Jelani Alladin, who plays Kristoff, made the posters for Jeremy and helped pull it off. "They came up with the promposal," Jeremy explained of the execution. 

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