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Cardi B Goes Off On Twitter and Instagram

There can’t be two queens of rap when it comes to some of Nicki Minaj‘s legion of fans. Some of them have been cruelly wishing terrible things on Cardi B‘s unborn baby and rap’s newest female superstar isn’t having it.

She lashed out in a now deleted Instagram post where she called out Barbie’s stans for the hate towards her innocent baby. Cardi, 25, wrote “I don’t pay attention to these weird a$$ fan pages cause they being saying s**t that don’t make no sense and they have no life. This mother f**ker right here got me tight. You people are f**king miserable. Report this page!! People with no sense and no heart shouldn’t have access to the internet. Ya be thinking this s**t is a game and ya don’t show ya f**king face you f**king weirdos. Hope your mom die slow”

Demi Lovato Broke Her Foot

Demi Lovato recently revealed that she fractured her foot by casually walking down the stairs during her trip to Bali. 

Rihanna and Drake Aren't Friends

The two aren’t enemies, but they certainly aren’t friends anymore.  In her recent Vogue cover story, RiRi spoke about being a “thick girl”, her entrance into the dirty thirties and the current state of her friendship with Drake.

While their relationship has been over for quite some time they remained friends for a while, but RiRi has now revealed their friendship is over too.

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