American Pickers Are Coming To Connecticut

One of our favorite TV Shows American Pickers will film right here in CT this summer.

Mike and Frank will film a series of episodes in the state. But, they don’t have any filming locations planned out yet.

They are looking for people with large “junk” piles or antique collections to pick through. They are search for vintage toys, old cars, car parts, and motorcycles, and even vintage Barbie’s!

So if you or someone you know have a scrap or junk yard, or even someone who accumulated a ton of antiques, let the American Pickers know and score some extra cash and fame.

To bring them to your area, contact the American Pickers at or call 855-OLD-RUST.  Just be sure to send a description of the collection and include photos.  Plus, leave them your name, contact info, and location, too.



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