Find Love With The "King Of Harts"

Meet Jeffrey… a well established Hartford broker, with an affinity for golf, basketball, and anything outdoorsy. A good listener with an innate sense of adventure, Jeffery will always keep you engaged and on your feet.

Currently living on the shoreline of Clinton, Jeffery enjoys beach runs and staying close to his family and friends; all important parts of his life. Family comes first for Jeff, and he’s looking forward to someday settling down along the shoreline, and starting one of his own.

And to make that dream a reality, we’re helping our ‘King of Harts’ Jeffrey, find his one true love; a career and family oriented, outgoing woman, who will stick by his side and be his best friend.

Whether it’s hiking through Connecticut or taking a weekend getaway to California and spending the night in a bungalow, Jeff has a way of finding the adventure in every day… and in everything.

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By purchasing a $5 ticket to this event, you will receive a FREE complimentary drink of your choice,  and the show of your lifetime. Watch the “King of Harts” take a shot at love as Jeffrey chooses from 10 eligible Hartford women.

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