A Sample Of This Years Man Meet!

Are you the single friend?  Do you have all the apps but not all the luck when it comes to dating? 

If swiping and sliding into DMs hasn't been working for you then maybe it's time to try meeting someone the old school way -- at a bar with a face to face convo. 

You need to be at KISS 957’s Meet Market 2018.  Its Connecticut’s biggest singles event, where all the guys are pre-screened, pre-approved and it’s always free for ladies. 

It’s your chance to meet IRL where the only games you’ll be playing win you fun prizes. Cause really, what’s better than meeting a new guy at the place that makes it fun to Eat, Play and Date?

Thursday, March 22nd from 7 pm - 9 pm

Dave and Buster’s Manchester

FREE for ladies 21+


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