Tom Hanks Gives A Special Gift To A Massachusetts Family

There are many reasons to use a typewriter and actor Tom Hanks typed out 11 of them in a letter he sent to a Massachusetts family recently. 

Hanks didn't just send a letter, he sent a vintage typewriter as well. 

The de Peyster family of Wellesley received the typewriter after Nick de Peyster sent a letter to the actor. The family watched "California Typewriter", a documentary about writers, artists and others who continue to use typewriters. Hanks, John Mayer and David McCullough Sr. - who has ties to Wellesley - are all featured in the documentary. 

"Nick wrote to Hanks to say he was inspired and 2 things: 1) we as a family will send someone a typewritten note every day, and 2) we will pay it forward and get another family a typewriter," Julia Hicks de Peyster wrote on Facebook. 

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