Lady Gaga Standing Up To Bullies

When Lady Gaga sang that we were "Born This Way," she meant it. And in the years since the pop star's beloved be-yourself anthem was released, she's proven again and again that she's committed to taking a stand against anyone who would make us feel otherwise.

Gaga issued a heartfelt challenge to both the bullies and the observers. "I encourage you all to be kind to one another, and to search within your community for bravery," she continued. "Sometimes it's hard to stand up against the popular kids, you know, and hang out with somebody that's being bullied. But be the bigger person."

She added, "Be kinder. Be braver. Go and sit with Venice and have lunch. Be a rebel."

That's definitely some rebellion we can get behind!

We love seeing this talented singer and passionate activist use her power for good. Thanks, Lady Gaga, for always keeping us "on the right track" to kindness and bravery!

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