Hotties of the Superbowl

We get it ladies (and some dudes). You heard 'party' but weren't exactly listening to the whole story of why you're at some random dudes house, watching your guy and all his friends yell at the tights-wearing men on tv for four hours. 


Aside from Lady Gaga, the commercials, and the best snacks of the year, what is there really to do during the game??


We've provided you with a list of the games hottest guys.


1. Julian Edelman 30 - Wide Receiver New England Patriots

2. Jimmy Garoppolo- 25 Quarterback- New England Patriots

3. Malcolm Butler- 26 Cornerback- New England Patriots

4. Danny Amendola 31- Wide Receiver- New England Patriots

5. Matt Ryan- 31- Quarterback- Atlanta Falcons

6. Tevin Coleman- 23- Running Back- Atlanta Falcons

7. Keanu Neal 21- Safety- Atlanta Falcons

8. Patrick DiMarco 27- Fullback- Atlanta Falcons

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