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All The Hits: Hartford



Shannen Doherty Shares Photos Showing Her Shaving Her Head During Cancer Battle

We're definitely thinking of her and sending her well wishes during this tough battle.
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Guy hits cop car while playing Pokemon Go

What the heck is going on here? I play the game.. but NOT while I am driving. This guy is SCREWED!
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Woman Asks For Yin Yang Tattoo And Gets Penis Instead!

a woman went into get a simple yin yang symbol tattoo. but the tattoo artist had a different idea. He inked her up with a penis!
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Can a dog have selective hearing?

Can a dog have selective hearing? The answer is yes! Do you know anyone like this in real life?  
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It is war between Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift!

Harris took to Twitter to slam the reports that she had a bigger hand than some would like to believe. Confirming that she wrote and sings "a little bit" of the song,"
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This is why cats hate balloons!

So what happens when you have a ballon, a cat and static electricity? A pretty funny video. Unless of course you're the cat...
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Watch: This lady is fed up with people playing Pokemon Go!

This women is OVER people coming into where she works to catch Pokémon and it's funny!! There are actually businesses putting up signs that say " Pokémon" for paying customers only....
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WATCH: Uber Driver Loses It On Customer!

Now although we don't know what started this outrage by an Uber driver, we do know that he went a little crazy on his customer. I'd imagine this video would not be what it is if the customer in...
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Must see summer hacks!

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Airhorn Prank fail

You know these guys were sitting around thinking about how funny it would be to mess with a drive thru worker using a giant airhorn, what they didn't factor in is a drive thru worker who doesn't...
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