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How To Pack More Than 100 Things Into A TINY Carry-On Bag

I can't believe she fits ALL of this into that one bag! Her secret...packing cubes, rubber bands and plastic zip bags. I'm trying this on my trip to vegas for our iHeartRadio Music Festival!...
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CT's own Michael Minelli just slayed!

Connecticut's own Michael Minelli just slayed this.
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Woman Gets Angry Because She Had To Sit Next To Fat Passenger On Flight

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Girl snapchats her boyfriend.. while cheating on him!

Dude...OUCH. This is COLD. A girl cheated on her man and actually sent him a snapchat while they were doing the dirty in the shower asking if he recognizes the guy. He does. Then lets HER in on...
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Guy has been stealing beer by dressing as a beer delivery man!

This guy has figured out the ultimate scam, well until now. He is busted!
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Husband Takes Wife Pokemon Hunting After Wisdom Teeth Surgery!

Is there a point where these "after wisdom teeth surgery" videos need to stop? No, I think they're great! This husband takes his wife hunting for Pokemon, and you would think the world is ending....
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LOOK: Man Builds Swing As Tall As A House That Goes 360 Degrees

Colin Furze , an obviously INSANE inventor, created a swing in his backyard that goes 360 degrees... AND IS AS TALL AS HIS HOUSE !!! Would you ever ride this? WATCH: //
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WATCH: Road Rager Slams Own Head In Door

This video is from a few months ago, but is going #viral again. This guy decides to get out of his vehicle when the person behind him is honking (like an asshat).  Problem is, he has a...
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New Haven woman quit her job, by mooning an entire restaurant!

This is the kind of thing you dream of doing, but you'd never actually do it. This lady here in Connecticut recently quit her job at a restaurant by MOONING everyone and SPANKING herself right...
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WATCH: This Team USA Swimming Pool Build Is Pretty Cool.

The 2016 Team USA Olympic team trials swimming pools holds over 2 million gallons of water and took 10 days to build. Watch the entire creation come to life here in 30 seconds.  
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