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Breaking: Multiple people shot at T.I. Concert

Several shot at T.I. show inside Irving Plaza NYC
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Help send a kid to camp this summer!

• The Salvation Army has been providing camp opportunities for more than 100 years! • Camp CONNRI (serving CONN & RI, thus the name) in Ashford, CT has been in operation...
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College Student's video of 9/11 is just now going viral.

Wow, this video hits home for me. I had a similar situation when I lived in Washington DC. I didn't record what I experience, but it will forever live i my mind. I lived on the 19th floor of a...
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Kanye left the Ellen audience in silence after this rant

Your boy Kanye West was on Ellen for a interview. They chatted about his family with baby mama Kim Kardashian, and how he doesn't hold back on Twitter.
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Alex Aiono Drake Cover

Alex Aiono just released his amazing Drake Cover and it is breaking the internet.
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Guy set up hidden camera to catch his wife doing this

This guy had to suspect something was going on with his wife as he set up a hidden camera. The rest is right in front of your eyes!
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That moment when your mistress crashes your wedding

"Does anyone believe that these two people should not be together?" Welp, I believe this guys mistress does. Seeing how this guy slept with his mistress the morning of his wedding.
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Kids in wigs recite Donald Trump quotes.

A New Zealand company is throwing some wigs on little boys and having them recite Trump quotes....gonna leave this right here
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She Quit Her Job at Walmart Over the Loudspeaker

Alexis, a Walmart employee obviously fed up with working at the retail store, recently quit her job... over the loudspeaker. Warning: explicit language.
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This could get the award for the most awkward TV guest ever.

She is the owner of a place in Detroit that only serves salads was on the local news on Monday, and made the one joke she probably hears constantly. She also got pretty flirty with one of the...
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