Ok, so it’s been a pretty lousy week for Ms. Lohan. Next week she’s due in court for an arraignment on misdemeanor charges stemming from her car crash back in June… aaaand she may owe some serious loot for a bail bond if her shoplifiting probation is revoked.

And now this…

The IRS has seized all of her bank accounts. Yep, that’s right… Uncle Sam has taken control over all of Lindsay’s bank accounts in an effort to record over 200 thousand dollars in unpaid taxes from 2009 and an unspecified amount from 2011. “I’m very concerned,” her father Michael Lohan said earlier this week. “Where is all her money going?”

On top of all that, Ms. Lohan isn’t keeping a low profile following her most recent arrest… she’s traveling around the East Coast with The Wanted – specifically Max George - on their tour bus, per TMZ. Lindsay was spotted getting on the bus that would take the band from Philadelphia to Boston – also being spotted hanging backstage.

A source says, “Max definitely doesn’t want a girlfriend… but he doesn’t mind having Lindsay around.”

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