If you haven’t heard by now, singer Robin Thicke and his wife Paula Patton are estranged.  Shocked, “Why?!” you ask.  Weeeeeellllll… it might have something to do with the fact that Mr. Thicke (ew, we’re never saying that again) has been in some questionable photos with fans, has had an occasional cheating rumor, and let’s not even get into the Miley Cyrus/MTV Video Music Awards debacle.

Thicke has now revealed that he hasn’t seen Patton in four months – despite numerous public appeals pleading for forgiveness.  Thicke also admitted that Patton hasn’t even heard most of his new album, beggingly (is that word?) named “Paila,” after his wife.

Despite lyrics on the new album including lines like “All I wanna do is make it right” and “I’ll wait for forever for you,” Patton still (seemingly) stands strong on remaining apart of Thicke.

Not that it’s any of our business… but maybe he should’ve just not done the messed up stuff to begin with?  Like… is he only sorry because he was caught?

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