Ok, so maybe a little bit of structure is what Linday Lohan needed. Sure, she was court ordered to perform community service at the LA County coroner's office – but she's not only on pace to complete the service, but she's actually ahead of schedule.

Lohan has already completed ten of her 12 required morgue duty shifts – rather impressive, considering she's got three weeks left before she has to have the service completed. Lindsay also has a fairly good reputation at the morgue, too – she's said to be polite, hard working, and never complains about the work.

But things haven't been super smooth for Lohan – she reportedly got pranking during her community service. According to a morgue insider (those exist?) some of her coworkers put a bloody rubber hand in one of the trash cans, so when Lindsay emptied it, it fell out on the floor – and she freaked out. Although we can't say we blame her.

Contrary to what's been reported above (according to the “insider”) Lindsay isn't exactly a model (forced) employee. Says the insider, “Lindsay has a real attitude – always acting like she's better than everyone else, spending too much of her time taking cigarette breaks. She speaks to no one unless she has to, and mopes through all of the work she's assigned.” So yeah. Two drastically different accounts of her time working for LA County.

But we'll see if this straightens her out – but really, why start now?

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