So some photos leaked late this week of the “birthing suite” at Lenox Hill Hospital in Manhattan where Beyonce gave birth to her baby girl last weekend. And, uh, it's nicer than some places we've lived.

No joke. The five star room (hospital rooms are rated on a star system?) boasts four flat screen televisions, cream colored sofas, mahogany walls, brushed chrome accents, and a rather fancy kitchenette. And the photos are apparently completely legit; a hospital employee confirmed to “Us Weekly” that the photos are definitely of the “executive suite” where the Grammy winner welcomed her future Grammy winner (we're just assuming).

The hospital denies that the suite was built exclusively for the arrival of Beyonce and Jay-Z's baby – but it will cost you to use it, if you happen to head to Lenox Hill Hospital. It costs 800 dollars a night to use the suite. And, although the hospital claims that the suite wasn't built for the musical duo, they did happen to be the first people to ever use the room. But rumor has it that the pair donated a large sum – at least 100 thousand dollars – to the hospital months ago.

Apparently this isn't the only room like this at the hospital, either. There's 7 suites in the VIP section, costing between 7 and 8 hundred dollars a night, depending on the room. The suites are said to have “reconfigurable designs” - meaning that the dividing walls are movable and the rooms can be expanded. So what's that mean? Well, Beyonce supposedly had FOUR suites – equaling approximately 3200 dollars.

A night.

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