Tommy Trash has teamed up with wtih the Jim Henson Company for his brand new video for "Monkey See Monkey Do." The video follows a blue monkey named Kal, as he comes across Tommy's track, in cassette form, on his planet of junk amongst some trash (the pun was most likely intendedWink).

Kal plays "Monkey See Monkey Do" in an old discarded walkman (remember those?!), and listens to it on a pair of headphones he happens upon. Kal is immediately transported out of this world - literally - as he hears the song play.

The "Monkey See Monkey Do" video is the first of a two-video series, and Kal is also featured on Tommy's upcoming single "Monkey In Love" on Size Records

"Monkey See Monkey Do" is out now on Mau5trap via iTunes and Beatport. Watch below: