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Daft Punk is continuing their "The Collaborators" series, giving us a peek at who they have been working with on their upcoming album, Random Access Memories, secretively all this time. Epiode 2 focuses on New Jersey native and long-time producer Todd Edwards

Right from the beginning, Todd talks about having to harbor the secret of working with the legendary duo. He says, "It's been very difficult to harbor this secret, and I'm waiting for this album to intoxicate and infect everyone."

Edwards also talks about getting that "west coast vibe" from the time of Fleetwood Mac, Eagles, and The Doobie Brothers, how Daft Punk "reversed gears and went back to a time when no one is focusing on," and the studio process with live instruments - Todd calls it a "lost art form." 

Random Access Memories will be released May 21st. You can pre-order here.

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