Meet Market Success Story 

Three years ago, I was a single 26 year-old guy ... I normally didn't have much luck meeting women at bars but the Meet Market was different ... It was the opposite of a typical night at the bar because at the Meet Market the girls were the ones approaching the guys! Everybody there was on the same page. Everyone was there to meet members of the opposite sex and to hopefully exchange numbers, whether if it was for something casual or something more serious. I went home with a few numbers that night, so did my wingmen, but I only called one girl that left a lasting impression on me. We began dating, fell in love, and today, three years later, we are engaged to be married in September. I'm so thankful that we both decided to go to this crazy singles night three years ago and every year around this time I recommend the Meet Market to all of my single friends. 

Thank you to everybody at Kiss 95.7! 

-Eric and Amy