A Meet Market Love Story 

It was Meet Market 2009 at Up Or On The Rocks. I was asked by my friend Rick to attend the Meet Market as his wing man. I was recently single and was more than down to be feasted on by a club full of hungry women. Just kidding. Actually I was quite reluctant because I thought I would seem desperate for women, and i didn't want to give off that vibe. Anyways we showed up nice and early. Got settled into a corner and began having drinks. Once we were lubed up good we got the courage to hit the dance floor. For some slow footed white guys we cut a pretty good rug.

Now before I get into the goods I must preface the story with this: Despite the fact that I am a pretty confident person, I have never asked a woman out in my life, and was battling growing a set at some point to conquer that fear. It had been rolling in my mind all night to have a sack and ask a chick out.

In the middle of shaking my thing and working my magic I see a spotlight across the entire club conveniently shining down on the most beautiful woman that I have ever seen. I thought it was god giving me a sign (just kidding), turns out it was just a safety light shining on the stairs for precautionary reasons. For me that was the moment. I felt that what i was looking at was an angel. Easily the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. I made up my mind. I was going to do it. I was going to seek her out and ask her out. I make way across the club, intercept her, put my hands on her shoulders (as she looks at me like i am a total creep) and i say "you are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen". Before she can respond (thankfully). Her friend jumps from behind her "BRIAN?". Turns out she is best friends with this girl that Rick dated!!!!! We all had drinks and danced together all night. I was hoping my moves would impress. Turns out they didn't because I got nowhere. I kept trying to work my way near her to dance a little. but she was catching my creep vibe and backed off. But I did establish my presence and knew how to get to her.

I tried very hard to work some magic that night and make her fall for me. Wasn't happening. I kept in her ear for about 3 months and wouldn't except no for an answer. Believe me there was a LOT of "no''s". But after many attempts to get her out on a date, she decided to give me a chance and it has turned out to be the greatest chance anyone has ever given me. She is my best friend. She is an amazing woman and I couldn't have asked for better. Despite the fact that we are in each other's circles.... I would have never met her without the Meet Market. We get married 4.28.12 (6 weeks baby)! And we have KISS 95.7 to thank!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So thanks for letting us share our story and thank you even more for hosting this every year for singles to meet up. Most people probably go for a hook up. Some go for love. Despite whatever either of us were there for.... we found love!

Thanks again.

-Brian & Lori