First rule of being a superstar’s BFF: ALWAYS be there for their video shoot. IHeartRadio will fly you and your three BFFs to sunny Los Angeles, put you up in a swanky hotel and scoop you up in a limo to meet with Bruno Mars on the set of his new music video. He may even give you a walk-on role. Second rule of being a superstar’s BFF: Let your superstar BFF buy you presents. You and your crew head back to the limo with Bruno as he takes you shopping for a sweet custom jukebox. Then, head to the biggest music store in America as Bruno personally hands you a grand and turns you on to some of his favorite tunes to buy. Load up the jukebox with all your new music so Bruno can autograph it for you and send you back home to brag about your rock star day with your new BFF in LA.

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